Gold 10 K Gold per DWTPlease Call
Gold 14 K Gold per DWTPlease Call
Gold 18 K Gold per DWTPlease Call
Gold 22 K Gold per DWTPlease Call
Gold Bar 1 oz1259.30
Gold Eagle 1 oz1285.00
Gold Eagle 1/2 oz642.50
Gold Eagle 1/4 oz321.25
Gold Eagle 1/10 oz128.50
Gold Englehard 1 oz Bars1246.45
Gold Maples Leafs 1 oz1259.30
Gold Maples Leafs 1/2 oz629.65
Gold Maples Leafs 1/4 oz314.82
Gold Maples Leafs 1/10 oz125.93
Gold Krugerrands 1 oz1247.00
Gold Krugerrands 1/2 oz616.80
Gold Belgium 20 Franc227.91
Gold British Sovereign293.41
Gold British 1/2 Sovereign146.71
Gold British 5 Pounds1437.19
Gold Pandas 1 oz1259.30
Gold Pandas 1/2 oz629.65
Gold Pandas 1/4 oz314.82
Gold Pandas 1/10 oz125.93
Gold Mexican 50 Pesos1440.87
Gold Mexican 20 Pesos573.27
Gold Mexican 10 Pesos285.03
Gold Mexican 5 Pesos142.46
Gold Mexican 2 1/2 Pesos71.17
Gold Mexican 2 Pesos56.98
Gold Austrian 100k1196.58
Gold French 20 Franc227.91
Gold Swiss 20 Franc227.91
Gold Philharmonic 1 oz1246.45
Silver U.S. 90%Bag71513530.52

And here's what they're saying...

What sets Diamond State Coins apart from other Dealers in the area is this: Kevin, Mike and staff are Friendly, Fair, Dependable, Honest, Professional and the environment is clean and safe. They have integrity, they are knowledgeable, and they have nice personalities. I have been a faithful customer of theirs for many years - as far back to when they dealt mostly in coins next door. Dealers like them, are very hard to find. I would recommend their services to any and everyone. Three cheers to each of you guys! I hope God keeps you safe and continues to make you prosperous!
- Joyce A

February 5, 2013 I liquidated part of my husbands estate he was the coin and metal collector I knew nothing. I did a little telephone walking in the surrounding states before I settled on Diamond State Coins & Currency. Kevin was the most knowledgeable and patient of anyone I spoke with at any of the other places. He answered my endless questions with a smile. I am so glad I did some comparative shopping first so you don't have to. DSC&C were the fairest and I believe gave me the best deal. They know the market and are honest. I have sent friends to them and would go back myself. Thanks Kevin I learned a lot. Judy P.
- Judith P

Finally a company today that still feels that people come first. Kevin and Mike make their clients feel that they are working with people who care and are willing to pay what their item is worth, unlike some of the jewelery stores I visited prior to going to Diamond State. The Price is Right with Mike & Kevin. Thank you for your honesty.
- Linda F

It was a pleasure to finally deal with two honest people like Kevin and Mike. I did what their newspaper add suggested and got other quotes on some gold only to receive 48% more from Kevin and Mike. Go ahead and visit all of these other people that say they pay the most for your gold . You will come back to Diamond State and leave with a lot more cash in your pocket. These are two GREAT people.Thanks guys. Dave D.
- Dave D

One sunday I opened the paper and notice a few advertisements for buying gold and silver. I decided to go to S K since they had a big event going on (but also in the back of my mind remembering that I heard good things by atleast 3 people about this place called Diamond State Coins). I sold gold and then decided to try the silver but this time I went to Diamond State coin first and got a nice offer but I wanted to compare with stuart kingston. so I took the silver there and the offer was so low that I just walked out. YOU ASK HOW LOW? TRY OVER 3 TIMES LESS THEN DIAMOND STATE!!!!!!! I now know I was taken for the gold sold on the previous day. Always do your research. Thanks Diamond State Coins for making a difficult seperation worth something.
- Melissa G

I had an amazing experience at Diamond State Coins. Mike and Kevin are SO friendly and I was offered 146% MORE that at anther gold buyer who promised to pay the most. Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
- Matthew O

Very professional! Had a large estate of coins and they guided me thru the differences in value. Always took the time to explain and gave top dollar for all. Highly recommended!
- Andrew S


My wife and I decided that after years of collecting U.S. coins and currency it was time to start selling our collection. This was not an easy decision. We both looked around for awhile to determine our option. After a thorough search we found Diamond State Coins and Currency! From the moment my son and I arrived we were made to feel comfortable and safe. The staff were friendly, the store was clean, most important though was that these guys were honest! I've never taken the time to write a review before this. I have said I would but never have. The fact that I've taken the time to write this is a testimony to the great experience I had at Diamond State Coins!! Thanks guys.
- Jack H

WOW! Extremely fair in offers, more than you would get almost anywhere else without the hassle of looking or having to sell on Ebay and having to deal with all the fees. Sold a 20 franc piece and 18 ounces of silver and received a good price right from the start with no haggling. A+++
- ed c

Solid people to do business with... I have used several other firms in the past. However, Kevin has taken care of finding me the pieces I want for the best prices of the day. They are trustworthy. Joe
- Joe K

Very efficient and knowledgable! I will definitely be dealing with this business again
- Nick W

The last time I was in at Diamond State coins a mistake was made during my transactions. I got a call several weeks ago that an error was made and they would be sending me another check. I am very happy with the honesty and integrity of Diamond State Coins. I would recommend your business to anyone. Joanne M
- Joanne M

I first walked into this store at the young age of 12. I had no real experience with coins and currency, but both Kevin and Mike took a few hours out of their day to educate me and help cultivate my curiosity. Every time I came in, no matter how much work they may have had, I was always given their full attention. Even after take a break in visitng for 5 years, after that time they still remembered me as the little boy who would buy small things here and there. Granted my hobby has grown much larger, but no matter who you are you will always feel welcomed at this store. Thanks guys, Jamie
- Jamie C

The best!
- john s

I'm not really what anyone would call a serious coin collector. For me its more of a hobby. I came here just looking to get something started. Mike took time to help me find what was right for me and would hold my attention. We found a type book and gradually added pieces to it. Each time I went in to add a new coin he would share some info about it, what to look for and so on. He told me he not only wanted me to get the right coin, but also what made it right. I started referring to him as my numismatic guru!! I now have a beautiful type book with every slot filled that I am very proud of! You'll find Mike and Keven are very generous with their time whether your making a large or small purchase. You won't go wrong here.
- R. Scott M

We just left Diamond State with a check in hand and great experience we have listened to their radio commercial suggesting you go to a few other dealers and get their offers we did just that and then went to Diamond State where they gave us more money!!
- alan k

Went to Diamond State to get an idea of what some gold jewelry would be worth -- sitting for years in jewelry box. Happy with prices but decided to go to our regular jeweler in Philly. Was shocked that Diamond State's prices were so much higher than our jeweler. Great people to deal with --no pressure and actually encourage you to shop around. Kathleen
- deseta k

I love this place! They are completely honest and such a pleasure to work with. I tried one of those Cash for Gold places- only because it was down the street from my house and I needed cash fast. What a mistake that was! I brought a few single earrings to him that had no match. Not only was I ripped off dollar wise but he told me that some of my pieces were not gold. I asked him to throw them out and he directed me to a trash can just outside his little window. Later when I found the match and took it to Diamond State Coins I was told they were GOLD! Don't be fooled and don't get ripped off! Go to Diamond State Coins and Currency! I wouldn't go anywhere else again and I've recommended them over and over!
- cindy s

I took a set of coins and 3 silver bowls to 4 different jewelers and shops buying gold-silver on the same day. One jeweler has been a family friend for 30+ years. Mike at Diamaond state paid me 40% more for the silver bowls than a family friend! Also, he found coins that I thought were just "junk" silver that were actually worth hundreds of dollars. I would have just sold them for scrap if it wasn't for Mike. I have recommended him and brought in my relatives and friends from out of town because the difference is that BIG! Thanks - MIKE W
- Michael

I brought my sister there the other day and she sold about 100 silver 90% coins and got around 10% under spot. Not too bad considering other places would only pay around 25% under spot...Best prices around and decent folks. I have my favorite hometown coin shop now. Highly recommended!
- William B

The best company today that still feels that people come first. I was made to feel comfort with the caring attitude shown to me. Finally working people who care and are willing to pay what your item is worth, unlike some of the jewelry stores. Diamond State is highly recommended by me for anybody looking for a integrity based merchant not full of trickery.
- George J

My friend bought a small ring at a yard sale, which she let me show Mike. She paid 10 cents for the ring and Mike gave me a check for $102.00 for that ring. She was quite happy.
- Kay C

I read many good reviews and gave it a try.I could never be more pleased with the service. Mike was a great, honest, and informative guy. I came in with an idea of what everything was worth and I definitely was happy with the return. I will definitely recommend them to anyone I meet and I will definitely do business with them again! Thanks, Donnie
- Donald S

When it came time to liquidate my father's coin collection, our family inquired among a group of friends in various levels of the legal profession for recommendations. One name came up again and again: Diamond State Coins & Currency. When it came to customer care and service, Mike and Kevin went above and beyond. Mike treated our grieving family and the coin collection our father left behind with patience and respect. We wouldn't deal with anyone else and we recommend him to everyone we meet.
- Amy F

Visited Diamond State Coin the other day; did some comparison pricing; they were the best. Very professional, knowledgable, and honest . . . I will be dealing with them only!
- Virginia C

The staff at Diamond State Coins are great! I can count on them to give me the best prices for my silver or gold. Mike/Kevin - Please contact me should you come across ancient Roman or Green coins - or early American coins. Thanks again!!
- Patricia L

It has been about a year since I for first time sold some silver coins and some gold chains that were damaged.Just was curious about the value after going to a couple of places and felt like I was being taken advantage of.I found this shop.What a difference.I can't tell you what an incredible difference this was.You could feel the honesty.They expained everything I'm an amateur of course.I have recommended this shop to anyone that talks about selling coins etc.I live in Maryland and this one trip that I was glad I made.
- Elizabeth W

Make Diamond State your first stop, and you won't be disappointed. There's absolutely no need to go anywhere else, as their careful, friendly service assures a gratifying and satisfactory experience.
- Maryanne A

These guys can be trusted. I have bought and sold silver bullion from many people. They offer the best prices in and out that I could ever find. They are good honest people.
- Brian P

These guys were great to deal with! Took their time with everything and were very honest! Thanks!!!!
- Chris K


Best of the best....
- Howard M

I buy/trade gold/silver coins and have called around and checked out every jeweler/coin shop and no one can match Diamond State. They give more than a fair price based on a live market. I have even called places to see if they would match Diamond States prices and they laughed at me offering me HALF of what Diamond State was paying. Great staff who are very helpful. If you walked in asking for $10 for a coin that is worth $1000 they are going to give you what your silver and gold is worth. Thanks guys for all the help and money! Jason A
- Jason A

These guys can be trusted. I am a silver bullion investor so I know the game. They offered me a price higher than I could believe and stuck with it even as spot dropped. Far superior to all other dealers! Much more convenient than eBay or craigslist.
- Phillips B

I had 2 estimates from longtime jewlers in the NCC area. Diamond ST Coins was well over & above what I would have gotten! Please do yourself a favor and go there!!! Can't thank you enough guys!!
- Ted

I have dealt with Diamond State Coins & Currency several times. Recently, I got a quote from a reputable gold buyer which I thought was pretty good, but I decided to return to Mike and Kevin. Without knowing my other offer, Mike beat it by over $200.00. Don't know how they do it, but they are the best.
- Linda G

I have been going to Mike and Kevin at DS coins for years. I can say that they actually do give you more for your precious metals than anyone else period. I have had dealers tell me that there is no way they paid me so much next to their offers. After that I realized they are the only real game in town to sell to, and buy from as well. Straight up and honest people. Stan. R
- Stan R

You guys are awesome. What I find amazing is that you actually recommend that people go other places to get quotes, but I always come back to you! Great people, friendly environment, and you don't feel like your getting taken advantage of! Thanks for all the help!
- Zachary K

I have really enjoyed my experience working with Mike and Kevin and selling my gold and coins. I can't say enough about how pleased I am with the amount I was offered. I go back over and advise is don't go anywhere else!!!!
- Diane V

Great people to work with, very knowledgeable, very patient and they give the best deal around. Even if you don't have anything to sell, its worth stopping in for the entertanment:)
- Susan K

They are terrific!! It's like going back in time to find two business men who really care about the customer. Mike and Kevin give the best prices around and you can really put your trust in them. They are the BEST!!
- Kathy G

Great Experience! Nice people....went back a second time and they remembered my name!!! I'm going back soon!! You'll get the most out of going to DS coins the friendly guys are just an awesome plus!!!
- Heather W

I had a great experience while exchanging my coins. Referred my Sister who is still talking about the friendliness of Mike and Kevin, and how comfortable she felt in her decision to use Diamond State Coins! We're still smiling from that experience. Thanks!
- Joyce R

What a pleasure to deal with two honest people like Mike and Kevin.They gave me a great price for my coins.Much more then I thought i would get.I highly recommend them above all others.THANKS GUYS.Kathleen Y
- kathleen y

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